Health Effects of Soft Drinking
Soft drinks are basically non-alcoholic beverages that may or may not contain sugar or a sugar substitute. Soft drinks that contain sugar or high fructose corn syrup have significant calorie content, whereas diet and unsweetened varieties do not.

Start Obviating Sodas - Health and Scrabble
Obviate (n) - to do away with To prevent by making unnecessary You see what I'm doing

Coca-Cola: Celebrating 125 Years of Happiness
Probably one of the best things Atlanta is known for is that it plays host to a number of very large multinational companies' headquarters that are famous all around the world, and you can't get any more famous than Coca-Cola Coca-Cola has been around for generations and its globally-recognized logo is perhaps the most easily recognizable symbol in the whole world, more famous than most foreign nations' national flags

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